Alessandro Maisto

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We evaluated liposomal amphotericin B (AmBisome; Vestar, San Dimas, CA) administered to 88 immunocompetent patients (56 children) with visceral leishmaniasis (VL) caused by Leishmania infantum. Thirteen patients received 4 mg/kg on days 1-5 and 10 (total dose, 24 mg/kg), and all were cured; 42 received 3 mg/kg on days 1-5 and 10 (18 mg/kg), and 41 were(More)
The short and long-term effects of a parent-infant training program for biologically handicapped infants was evaluated in terms of maternal locus of control. Twenty-four infants were evaluated on five developmental scales measuring motor, cognitive, and language functioning over a four-year period. Developmental gains on these indices were regressed against(More)
This work proposes a new approach to deception detection, based on finding significant differences between liars and truth tellers through the analysis of their behavior, verbal and non-verbal. This is based on the combination of two factors: multimodal data collection, and t-pattern analysis. Multimodal approach has been acknowledged in literature about(More)
The present research exploits the large amount of linguistic resources developed into the Lexicon-grammar paradigm in the domain of the Opinion Mining. Grounded on the Semantic Predicates theory, the proposed system is able to automatically match the syntactic structures selected by special classes of verbs, indicating positive or negative Sentiment,(More)
In the age of Semantic Web, one of the most valuable challenges is the one connected with the information extraction from raw data. Information must be managed with sophisticated linguistic and computational architectures, which are able to approach the semantic dimension of words and sentences. In this paper we propose a morphosemantic method for the(More)