Alessandro M. Souza

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BACKGROUND The aim of this work was to investigate the mechanisms by which chronic malnutrition (CM) affects vas deferens function, leading to compromised reproductive capacity. Previous studies have shown that maternal malnutrition affects the reproductive tracts of adult male offspring. However, little is known about the effects of CM, a widespread(More)
Epidemiological and animal studies have shown that placental undernutrition impairs reproduction in adult offspring, but the underlying molecular mechanisms within the male genital tract remain unknown. Due to its special physiological characteristics in transport and the modulation of the environment to which its luminal content is exposed, we hypothesized(More)
With the objective of studying the prognosis for walking in children with cerebral palsy a retrospective survey of 100 children being treated at the Associação de Assistência à Criança Defeituosa was made during the period from 1979 to 1988. The following parameters were analysed: (1) degree of motor dysfunction; (2) age of acquisition of sitting balance;(More)
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