Alessandro Lué

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Traditional car-sharing services are based on the two-way scheme, where the user picks up and returns the vehicle at the same parking station. Some services permits also one-way trips, which allows the user to return the vehicle in another station. The one-way scheme is quite more attractive for the users, but may pose a problem for the distribution of the(More)
The paper presents a model for the design of an electric car sharing service for the city of Milano. Several options of service configurations have been analysed and evaluated according to indicators, to measure the performance of such options in respect to relevant dimensions (i.e., economic and financial costs and revenues, mobility, social benefits,(More)
Research funding and innovation processes are key instruments to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from transport. This paper presents a contribution to the development of a European strategy on climate-friendly transport research funding. A Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) was set up, in order to define research priorities, develop future roadmaps, and(More)
This paper presents DREAMS, a web-based integrated information and management system for mobility services in urban areas, designed specifically for the city of Milan, Italy. The core of the system is the travel planner module, which proposes a set of travel solutions for a specific trip taking into account traditional and innovative mobility services.(More)
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