Alessandro Lizioli

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A one-day survey was carried out in 88 out of 113 public hospitals in Lombardy to obtain prevalence rates of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) by hospital departments and to identify the pathogens more frequently involved. In total 18667 patients were surveyed, representing 72% of the average daily total of occupied beds in public hospitals in Lombardy.(More)
SETTING The Province of Milan, which has high rates of immigration from developing countries, and the Villa Marelli Institute (VMI), Reference Centre for Tuberculosis Control of Lombardy. OBJECTIVE To describe epidemiology and clinical patterns of tuberculosis among immigrants from developing countries (IDCs) in the Province from 1993 to 1996. DESIGN(More)
BACKGROUND Medical and public health importance of pneumococcal infections justifies the implementation of measures capable of reducing their incidence and severity, and explains why the recently marketed heptavalent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV-7) has been widely studied by pediatricians. This study was designed to evaluate the impact of PCV-7(More)
A prospective multi-centre study was conducted to assess the microbiological pattern and prognostic factors of bacteraemia and their impact on clinical outcome. All patients admitted to 41 Italian hospitals over 2 months, from whom one or more clinically significant organisms were isolated from blood culture, were studied according to a standardized(More)
INTRODUCTION Estimate the efficacy of oral anticholeric vaccine Dukoral in subjects travelling to high-risk areas for traveler's diarrhoea and cholera. METHODS The study involved subjects of both genders who planned to travel to high-risk areas for traveler's diarrhoea and cholera. Immunization with oral anticholeric vaccine Dukoral was offered to each(More)
In an effort to improve the Walter Reed Staging System (WR), which mainly relies on immune depletion parameters, by introducing viral replication and T-cell activation markers, we examined by p24 antigenaemia and serum neopterin levels (SNL) 72 HIV positive PGL, ARC and AIDS patients (11 of whom classified as WR 2, 21 as WR 3, 16 as WR 5 and 24 as WR 6).(More)