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A soft tactile sensor able to detect both normal and tangential forces is fabricated with a simple method using conductive textile. Owing to the multi-layered architecture, the capacitive-based tactile sensor is highly sensitive (less than 10 mg and 8 μm, for minimal detectable weight and displacement, respectively) within a wide normal force range(More)
Program/erase endurance characteristics of split-gate SuperFlashreg memory cells are discussed. Various factors which affect memory endurance, including cycling data pattern, cycling frequency, temperature, erase retries, and technology scaling, are investigated. Superior data retention after endurance cycling is demonstrated
In this work, the design and development of an integrated platform for the steering of swimming microrobot is reported. The system consists of: a near-spherical soft and buoyant magnetic microrobot (with a diameter of about 500 μm) conceived for operation in liquid; a wireless magnetic steering system, including a compact magnetic field generator(More)
Micro-technologies based on wirelessly powered and manoeuvred submillimeter device, i.e.,microrobots, are attracting growing attention. Their application in lab-on-a-chip systems, such as micromanipulation and in vitro cell sorting, is expected to steeply increase. However, the actuation, powering and control of microrobots are challenges that still need(More)
Erase instabilities and erase performance degradation due to single-electron trapping events in tunnel oxide of SST split-gate SuperFlash/spl trade/ memory cells have been detected and analyzed for the first time. Whereas the instabilities of erase characteristics in stacked-gate flash memories ("erratic erase") are attributed to hole trapping/detrapping(More)
In this paper we present a new optical, flexible pressure sensor that can be applied as smart skin to a robot or to consumer electronic devices. We describe a mechano-optical transduction principle that can allow the encoding of information related to an externally applied mechanical stimulus, e.g., contact, pressure and shape of contact. The physical(More)
Intrinsic charge-gain program disturb mechanism in split-gate flash memory cells has been identified based on simulation results and experimental data obtained on memory arrays fabricated with 0.18 mum SuperFlash<sup>reg</sup> technology. It was shown that program disturb has the same nature under all three program disturb conditions existing in NOR flash(More)
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