Alessandro LIGAS

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The accurate identification of anisakid nematodes at any life cycle stage is important both to deepen the knowledge on their taxonomy, ecology, epidemiology and for diagnosis and control, as larval stages cause a clinical disease in humans known as anisakidosis. With the aim to investigate the presence of anisakid larvae, specimens of horse mackerel,(More)
Within the framework of ecosystem-based management, we focused on the use of seasonal closures as effective measures to minimise the degradation of benthic communities by trawling. These closures imply the complete cessation of trawling fleet activity and are commonly used in the Mediterranean to reduce the annual fishing effort, with the ultimate goal of(More)
A medium-term (10 year) stochastic forecast model is developed and presented for mixed fisheries that can provide estimations of age-specific parameters for a maximum of 10 stocks and 10 fisheries. Designed to support fishery managers dealing with complex, multi-annual management plans, the model can be used to quantitatively test the consequences of(More)
Up to the last decade bioaccumulation studies concentrated on coastal species, however little is still known about pollutants distribution and their possible effects on organisms in deepwater environments. The blackmouth catshark, Galeus melastomus Rafinesque, 1810 (Elasmobranchii, Triakidae), is a deep-water species distributed along the eastern Atlantic(More)
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