Alessandro H. dos Santos

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In the last decade, some low-cost nanofabrication technologies used in several disciplines of nanotechnology have demonstrated promising results in terms of versatility and scalability for producing innovative nanostructures. While conventional nanofabrication technologies such as photolithography are and will be an important part of nanofabrication, some(More)
The environmental issue is currently one of the key concerns that remain on the agenda of public managers, and urban traffic is considered as one of the key influencers in gas emissions and impacts on quality of life caused by traffic jams. It is a challenge to define technological mechanisms to measure the rates of these effects; however, it is important(More)
Network management involves several activities for operation, administration, and maintenance of network devices. Among them, network polling is one of the most CPU and network-intensive tasks, showing serious scalability and fault tolerance drawbacks when executed through traditional management architectures. This way, alternative approaches have to be(More)
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