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Members of the heat shock protein 70 (HSP70) family play an important role in assisting protein folding, preventing protein aggregation and transport of proteins across membranes under physiological conditions. Following environmental (i.e., irradiation, chemotherapy), physiological (i.e., cell growth, differentiation), and pathophysiological (i.e.,(More)
Neoplastic B-cell clones commonly arise within secondary lymphoid organs (SLO). However, during disease progression, lymphomatous cells may also colonize the bone marrow (BM), where they localize within specialized stromal niches, namely the osteoblastic and the vascular niche, according to their germinal center- or extra-follicular-derivation,(More)
Meningiomas of the tuberculum sellae can induce compression of the optic tract. We report the case of a 54-year-old female patient affected by a suspected pituitary macroadenoma with severe visual field defects, who experienced a significant clinical and visual improvement during short-term octreotide therapy, contrasting with the lack of neuroradiological(More)
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