Alessandro Giustiniani

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—In this paper, the design of the one-cycle controller of a single-stage inverter for photovoltaic applications is carried out by means of a multiobjective strategy to optimize inverter performance at both high and low insolation levels. Design constraints that account for different weather conditions are adopted. The optimization algorithm also provides(More)
  • Jonathan Fiechter, İnci Ötker-Robe, +14 authors Michael Moore
  • 2011
and other IMF colleagues for helpful comments and input. The paper also benefited from comments and suggestions by a number of home and host supervisory authorities and key private sector representatives of the financial industry. The views expressed in this paper are those of the authors. DISCLAIMER: This Staff Discussion Note represents the views of the(More)
This paper analyzes the monetary policy response to rising inflation in emerging and developing countries associated with the food and oil price shocks in 2007 and the first half of 2008. It reviews inflation developments in a sample of countries covering all regions and a broad range of monetary and exchange rate policy regimes; discusses the underlying(More)
—The aim of this paper is to present a two-port equivalent circuit that is able to describe the main features of an energy-harvesting device based on magnetoelastic materials. The magnetomechanical model behind the equivalent circuit is non-linear and fully coupled. Therefore, the most part of the typical real-device behavior, without the limits of linear(More)
The private non-financial sector in Europe is facing increased challenges in meeting its debt servicing obligation. In response, governments are revisiting legal tools and—in some cases—institutional arrangements to deal with over-indebtedness. For households, where the problem in some countries is large but no established best practice exists, reforms have(More)
Bonds issued by the government or government agencies are often used to finance bank restructuring following a systemic crisis. Many conflicting considerations affect the design of the bonds used to pay for public sector investment in bank equity or the purchase of distressed assets from banks. Some bond features can leave restructured banks facing(More)
The cystic dilation of the sub-arachnoidal space individualised by Tarlov in 1938, may be integrated in the diagnosis of non discal surgical sciatica. The classification proposed by Lazorthes sumes up the eventualities encountered at the lombo-sacral level. The clinical study of five personal observations and the analysis of literature enable the(More)
Cluster headache is characterized by severe, unilateral headache attacks of orbital, supraorbital or temporal pain lasting 15–180 min accompanied by ipsilateral lacrimation, rhinorrhea and other cranial autonomic manifestations. Cluster headache attacks need fast-acting abortive agents because the pain peaks very quickly; sumatriptan injection is the gold(More)