Alessandro Gherardi

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More powerful PC architectures, high-resolution cameras working at increasing frame rates, and more and more accurate motorized microscopes have boosted new applications in the field of biomedicine and medical imaging. In histopathology, the use of digital slides (DSs) imaging through dedicated hardware for digital pathology is increasing for several(More)
CONTEXT Mosaics of Whole Slides (WS) are a valuable resource for pathologists to have the whole sample available at high resolution. The WS mosaic provides pathologists with an overview of the whole sample at a glance, helping them to make a reliable diagnosis. Despite recent solutions exist for creating WS mosaics based, for instance, on automated(More)
In this work we present the achievements of the approach we have conceived to estimate in real time the attitude of a satellite endowed with an integral camera looking to the Earth. We have implemented the dynamical model that describes how to reconstruct the spatial orientation of the camera using couples of subsequent views, passing through six reference(More)