Alessandro Gentile

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PURPOSE As weight-gain and metabolic abnormalities during treatment with psychotropic drugs are of great concern, we evaluated effects of psycho-education and medical monitoring on metabolic changes among severely mentally ill patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS During repeated, systematic psycho-education about general health among 66 consecutive patients(More)
The modern concept of stress is based on responses to events or factors ("stressors") experienced as aversive, threatening or excessive for maintaining physiological equilibrium of an organism. Prolonged exposure to stressors, particularly during early life, is strongly associated with later psychiatric disorders. Underlying mechanistic connections between(More)
Patients affected by psychotic disorders are more likely to develop high rates of co-morbidities, such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, dyslipidemias, hypertension, metabolic syndrome, myocardial infarction, stroke etc., in the long-term. These morbidities have a significant impact on the life-expectancy of these patients. Patients with chronic psychoses show a(More)
In order to assess water efficiency options on the European scale, a multi-criteria integrative hydro-economic modeling framework has been developed. With this framework, it is possible to assess combinations of measures which could help reducing the gap between water demand and water availability, while taking into account ecological, water quality, flood(More)
Suicide is a relevant leading cause of death among patients affected by schizophrenia. Even if suicidal ideation may be present in different stages of disease, some differences have been described between the risk of suicide in patients experiencing first episode of psychosis and those with long-term schizophrenia. It is particularly higher during the first(More)
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