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1 This paper reports on work that has been carried out by the first author in the context of a masters thesis supervised by the second author in the context of an ERASMUS exchange programme. Abstract: Model refactoring is an emerging research topic that is heavily inspired by refactoring of object-oriented programs. Current-day UML modeling environments(More)
Excessive vascular tone and overresponsiveness to adrenergic stimuli characterize the hemodynamics of the greater and the lesser circulation in hypertension. We tested whether calcium entry blockade with verapamil (11 cases) or nifedipine (11 cases) may improve the vascular regulation in high blood pressure. Mental arithmetic and cold were used as(More)
PURPOSE In 24 patients with stable spontaneous and effort-related angina, ischemic episodes at rest were not preceded by changes in circulatory variables (heart rate, systemic and pulmonary arterial pressures) that may raise the myocardial oxygen consumption. We interpreted these episodes as caused by critical and reversible coronary flow reduction at the(More)
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