Alessandro Faldini

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE During the last 3 years, a minimally invasive video-assisted approach for parathyroidectomy and thyroidectomy has been developed. Because of the good exposure of the cervical spine during these procedures, the authors decided to perform an anatomic-radiologic study in order to evaluate which cervical vertebrae could be reached by this(More)
The authors carried out an experimental study to compare the regeneration of nerves repaired with human fibrin glue and those sutured with nylon. The experiments were performed on rat peroneal nerves; the degree of regeneration was assessed by the neurophysiological strain gauge method, which involved recording the intensity of isometric contraction of the(More)
The necessity of a surgical approach to the lesser trochanter is fairly rare event that occurs more frequently in the treatment of tumours situated in this anatomical area. The authors described four cases of osteocartilaginous neoplasms situated in proximity of the lesser trochanter. In two cases the mass was removed through a medial surgical approach(More)