Alessandro Facchini

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An in vivo study was carried out on uncoated and hydroxyapatite (HA)-coated nanostructured Ti13Nb11Zr alloy in comparison with high-grade Ti6Al4V, to investigate the effect of the different surfaces on osteointegration rate. A highly effective method to obtain a fast biomimetic deposition of a thin layer of nanocrystalline HA was applied to coat both(More)
We obtained a fast biomimetic deposition of hydroxyapatite (HA) coatings on Ti6Al4V substrates using a slightly supersaturated Ca/P solution, with an ionic composition simpler than that of simulated body fluid (SBF). At variance with other fast deposition methods, which produce amorphous calcium phosphate coatings, the new proposed composition allows one to(More)
We study the strictness of the modal μ-calculus hierarchy over some restricted classes of transition systems. First, we show that the hierarchy is strict over reflexive frames. By proving the finite model theorem for reflexive systems the same results holds for finite models. Second, we prove that over transitive systems the hierarchy collapses to the(More)
We show that the modal μ-calculus over GL collapses to the modal fragment by showing that the fixpoint formula is reached after two iterations and answer to a question posed by van Benthem in [vBe06]. Further, we introduce the modal μ∼-calculus by allowing fixpoint constructors for any formula where the fixpoint variable appears guarded but not necessarily(More)
Long-term stability of arthroplasty prosthesis depends on the integration between the bone tissue and the implanted biomaterials, which requires the contribution of osteoblastic precursors and their continuous differentiation into the osteoblastic phenotype. Classically, these interactions are tested in vitro using mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) isolated and(More)
Degeneration of intervertebral discs is the most common cause of back pain. The first phase of this degenerative process involves the nucleus pulposus (NP). A rapid recovery of this structure can prevent further degradation of the annulus fibrosus. A new amidic derivative of alginate (AAA) was developed to obtain a polysaccharide possessing some of the(More)
For a given regular language of infinite trees, one can ask about the minimal number of priorities needed to recognise this language with a non-deterministic or alternating parity automaton. These questions are known as, respectively, the non-deterministic and the alternating Rabin-Mostowski index problems. Whether they can be answered effectively is a(More)
Alternating automata on infinite trees induce operations on languages which do not preserve natural equivalence relations, like having the same Mostowski–Rabin index, the same Borel rank, or being continuously reducible to each other (Wadge equivalence). In order to prevent this, alternation needs to be restricted to the choice of direction in the tree. For(More)
In bone tissue engineering, bioglass coating of titanium (Ti) scaffolds has drawn attention as a method to improve osteointegration and implant fixation. In this in vitro study, bioactive glass layers with an approximate thickness of 1 microm were deposited at 200 degrees C onto a three-dimensional Ti-6Al-4V scaffold using a radio frequency (r.f.) magnetron(More)
We prove that the bisimulation-invariant fragment of weak monadic second-order logic (WMSO) is equivalent to the fragment of the modal <i>&mu;</i>-calculus where the application of the least fixpoint operator <i>&mu;p</i>.&#966; is restricted to formulas &#966; that are continuous in <i>p</i>. Our proof is automata-theoretic in nature; in particular, we(More)