Alessandro Erta

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—The IEEE 802.16 is a standard for broadband wireless communication in Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN). To meet the QoS requirements of multimedia applications, the IEEE 802.16 standard provides four different scheduling services: Unsolicited Grant Service (UGS), real-time Polling Service (rtPS), non-real-time Polling Service (nrtPS), and Best Effort (BE).(More)
n a wireless mesh network (WMN) [1] end users are provided with wireless broadband connectivity by means of a predefined system hierarchy. The end terminals, also referred to as mesh clients (MCs), are connected to special nodes, called mesh routers (MRs). These nodes do not generate traffic, since they are simply meant to relay the packets of their MCs.(More)
IEEE 802.16 is a recent standard for Broadband Wireless Access networks, which includes a <i>mesh</i> mode operation for distributed channel access of peering nodes. In accordance with the IEEE 802.16 MAC protocol, time is partitioned into frames of fixed duration, each one divided into two sub-frames, for control and data transmission, respectively. Slots(More)
—IEEE 802.16 is a recent IEEE standard for broadband wireless access networks. In IEEE 802.16 networks, the Medium Access Control (MAC) protocol is centralized and explicitly supports quality of service (QoS). That is to say, access to the medium by a number of Subscriber Stations (SSs) is centrally controlled by one Base Station (BS), which is responsible(More)
IEEE 802.16 mesh does not include support to traffic flows with strict Quality of Service requirements. In this paper, we propose an End-to-end Bandwidth Reservation Protocol (EBRP) in the backhaul of a Wireless Mesh Network using IEEE 802.16 mesh. The distinctive feature of EBRP is that it is carried out at the Medium Access Control (MAC) layer. Therefore,(More)
In this paper we have presented the literature survey of proposed MAC based quality of service (QoS) architecture for Wi-MAX Point-to-Multipoint networks scheduling algorithm. The Wi-MAX is IEEE 802.16 Wireless network standard which recently for Broadband Wireless communication. The IEEE 802.16 advantages includes variable bit rate and high data rate, last(More)
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