Alessandro E. C. Redondi

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Visual disorders are an important symptom in the migraine of developing age. Different kinds of visual disturbances can precede, accompany or follow a migraine attack. These visual disturbances can be grouped into negative (hemianopsia, quadrantopsia, scotoma) and positive (phosphene, teicopsia, metamorphopsia, macropsia, micropsia, teleopsia, diplopia,(More)
In this work, we analyze the use of a WiFi network deployed in a large-scale technical university. To this extent, we leverage three weeks of WiFi traffic data logs and characterize the spatio-temporal correlation of the traffic at different granularities (each individual access point, groups of access points, entire network). The spatial correlation of(More)
Campus libraries in modern universities provide students with group study areas where they can work and study collaboratively. In this paper, we propose a complete solution for the creation of study groups in future smart libraries featuring (i) a smartphone application to create study groups, (ii) a hybrid Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Wi-Fi indoor(More)
Childhood migraine can be the expression of an unconscious attempt of the small patient to show a discomfort which is denied through the defence of somatization. We considered a sample of 73 children, 39 males and 34 females suffering from migraine. We evaluated the presence of emotional disorders through diagnostic interviews consisting of one by one(More)
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