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Granular cell tumor (GCT) is a rare neoplasm occurring in the sellar and suprasellar spaces. It is a primary tumor of the neurohypophysis, presumably arising from the pituicytes, a distinctive glial cell of the neurohypophysis. GCTs in most reported cases show biologically benign behavior with slow growth. Only 70 cases of hypophyseal GCTs have been(More)
Intracardiac thrombosis is a rare event in newborn (5.1 per 100000 live births). It is associated with an high morbidity and mortality. Most of intracardiac thrombi are related to intravascular catheterism. The use of thrombolytic therapy in neonates has rapidly improved in the last few years, particularly with the introduction of more clot-selective(More)
AIM The incidence of cervical fractures in industrialized countries is about 11.000 cases per year. The objective of our study was to determine which of two treatments was more effective for the management of Type II odontoid fractures. MATERIAL AND METHODS This study involved 108 cervical fractures treated at the "Department of Neurosurgery of(More)
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