Alessandro Cricenti

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We imaged uncoated neuron networks by an atomic force microscope in the repulsive regime of contact mode. Images of granule cells and their axons have been clearly revealed with details smaller than 20 nm. The good stability of the sample and the mechanical reproducibility of the microscope allowed the imaging of a neuron culture area of several square(More)
We tested a new approach to cell decapping on rat cerebellar neurones, and observed its effects on cell topography by atomic force microscopy (AFM). The results clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of our decapping approach, and also the ability of AFM to reveal fine details of the decapped cells. Specifically, varying the conditions and duration of the(More)
Uncoated DNA molecules marked with an activated tris(l-aziridinyl) phosphine oxide (TAPO) solution were deposited on gold substrates and imaged in air with the use of a high-resolution scanning tunneling microscope (STM). Constant-current and gap-modulated STM images show clear evidence of the helicity of the DNA structure: pitch periodicity ranges from 25(More)
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