Alessandro Corrente

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SNMPv3 has just become a full standard and more and more the scientific community and the market are looking for information on its performance and related new built-in authentication and privacy features. It is sure that SNMPv3 security services (authentication and privacy) require additional CPU usage, memory and message exchange which could cause(More)
This paper presents a study carried out to evaluate policy provisioning performance, by COPS-PR protocol, in a policy based environment. First of all the prototypes developed are presented. These simulate the component behavior of the two lower layers of a policy based management system. Then the various measurements, done on the prototypes, are shown. All(More)
Since the entity of the stable endogenous iodine pool is inversely related to the probability of thyroid uptake of radioactive iodine isotopes in subjects exposed for professional reasons to radioiodine intake, we evaluated the urinary iodine excretion, which is a reliable indicator of stable iodine daily intake, in 19 subjects of a nuclear medicine(More)
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