Alessandro Coli

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A suitable index is proposed to evaluate the natural short–medium-term recovery capability of vegetation in burnt areas. The study area covers 2450 km 2 in western Tuscany (Province of Pisa, Italy). This region is characterized by a typical Mediterranean climate and is subject to fire damage during the dry summer season. Damage is mitigated where a natural(More)
Using a reduced-silver method, this study examined ganglioncell morphology and morphometry in aging dog wholemount retina. The ganglion-cell body size and topography were obtained using a semi-automatic image analyser (Leitz ASM 68K, Wetzlar, Germany) studying a sector (with an angle of 10 degrees centred on the optic papilla) as a sampling area from the(More)
The morphology and morphometry of displaced amacrine cells (DACs) have been investigated in dog retina with the aim of finding out differences in relation to their distance from the optic papilla and to their location within the nasal and temporal retina. The study was performed by using the Boycott and Peichl's silver impregnation method in wholemount(More)
Using an image analysis system, the Authors carried out a morphometric study on guinea pig spinal cord in order to determine volumetric changes of white and gray matter during development. White and gray matter volumes were determined by measuring the area occupied by these matters in 10 micrograms sections of spinal cord in 1 day and 90 days old subjects.(More)
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