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Construction, characterization and exemplificative application of bioluminescent Bifidobacterium longum biovar longum.
The aim of this work was to construct a bifidobacterial biosensor that could be used to analyze the metabolic state of cells. We transformed by electroporation the human intestinal bacteriumExpand
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Enhancing biohydrogen production of the alkalithermophile Thermobrachium celere
Abstract In this study the effect of different buffering agents, pH control and N2 sparging on biohydrogen production in Thermobrachium celere was investigated in batch cultivations. Among the testedExpand
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Inhibitory effects of substrate and soluble end products on biohydrogen production of the alkalithermophile Caloramator celer: Kinetic, metabolic and transcription analyses
Abstract In this study the tolerance of the alkalithermophile Caloramator celer towards substrate (glucose) and soluble end product (acetate, formate and ethanol) inhibition was assessed employingExpand
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Biohydrogen production in alkalithermophilic conditions: Thermobrachium celere as a case study.
In the present work the hydrogenesis in the anaerobic alkalithermophilic bacterium Thermobrachium celere was studied. The impact of several factors on hydrogen production during glucose fermentationExpand
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Genome Sequence of Halanaerobium saccharolyticum subsp. saccharolyticum Strain DSM 6643T, a Halophilic Hydrogen-Producing Bacterium
ABSTRACT Halanaerobium saccharolyticum is a halophilic anaerobic fermentative bacterium capable of producing hydrogen, a potential future energy carrier molecule. The high-quality draft genome of H.Expand
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Draft Genome Sequence of the Hydrogen- and Ethanol-Producing Anaerobic Alkalithermophilic Bacterium Caloramator celer
ABSTRACT Caloramator celer strain JW/YL-NZ35 is a Gram-positive thermophilic, alkalitolerant, and strictly anaerobic bacterium capable of producing hydrogen and ethanol under extreme conditions. TheExpand
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TgaA, a VirB1-Like Component Belonging to a Putative Type IV Secretion System of Bifidobacterium bifidum MIMBb75
ABSTRACT Bifidobacterium bifidum MIMBb75 is a human intestinal isolate demonstrated to be interactive with the host and efficacious as a probiotic. However, the molecular biology of thisExpand
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Assessment of metabolic flux distribution in the thermophilic hydrogen producer Caloramator celer as affected by external pH and hydrogen partial pressure
BackgroundCaloramator celer is a strict anaerobic, alkalitolerant, thermophilic bacterium capable of converting glucose to hydrogen (H2), carbon dioxide, acetate, ethanol and formate by a mixed acidExpand
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O2-requiring molecular reporters of gene expression for anaerobic microorganisms.
Many genetic reporter systems require molecular oxygen; therefore, the use of reporter genes to study molecular mechanisms in anaerobic microorganisms has been hampered by the lack of convenientExpand
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