Alessandro Cionini

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A method is proposed for gesture recognition and humanoid imitation based on Functional Principal Component Analysis (FPCA). FPCA is a statistical technique of functional data analysis that has never been applied before for humanoid imitation. In functional data analysis data (e.g. gestures) are functions that can be considered as observations of a random(More)
This paper presents the main contributions of the University of Parma to the V-Charge Project, which focuses on the development of an automated valet parking and charging system. Different modules have been developed including a classifier of the regions of interest provided by an external stereo system, a detection and tracking algorithm covering the area(More)
Video sensors based on CMOS technology represent the vast majority of the adopted solutions for image acquisition systems equipped in unmanned vehicles and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. These sensors typically employ a rolling shutter readout scheme, which causes image distortion in case of motion. This paper investigates how rolling shutter effects(More)
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