Alessandro Ciamei

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Extracellular signal-regulated kinases (ERK1 and 2) are synaptic signaling components necessary for several forms of learning. In mice lacking ERK1, we observe a dramatic enhancement of striatum-dependent long-term memory, which correlates with a facilitation of long-term potentiation in the nucleus accumbens. At the cellular level, we find that ablation of(More)
In Huntington's disease (HD) depression is observed before the disease is diagnosed, and is likely to be a component of the disease, rather than a consequence. Depression in HD patients does not progress in parallel with other symptoms; rather it peaks at early- to mid-stages of the disease and declines thereafter. In mice, depressive-like behaviours can be(More)
Four experiments were conducted to examine social and emotional memory in the R6/2 transgenic mouse model of Huntington's disease. First, R6/2 mice were tested in a social transmission of food preference task where they had to acquire a preference for a flavoured food (acquisition) and subsequently to learn a preference for a different flavour (shifted(More)
In the present research the effect of the noncompetitive N-methyl-d-aspartate receptor antagonist MK-801 and ethanol combinations on memory consolidation and the involvement of GABAergic mechanisms in this effect were investigated in CD1 mice injected intraperitoneally with the drugs immediately or 120 min after training in a one-trial inhibitory avoidance(More)
Rationale: Post-training treatments (drugs, stress, ECS) influence retention performance of laboratory animals, sometimes in a strain-dependent way. In a previous study, an interaction between the effects of morphine and of the non-competitive N-methyl-d-aspartate (NMDA) receptor antagonist MK-801 on retention performance was observed, in random bred mice.(More)
When Huntington's disease (HD) patients are tested on cognitive tasks that involve both striatal and hippocampal memory systems, a decline in their striatal function is compensated for by an increase in hippocampal activity that allows these patients to achieve an optimal performance [Voermans, N. C., Petersson, K. M., Daudley, L., Weber, B., van(More)
Rationale: Recent experiments have shown that pre-trial administrations of nicotine to rats tested in a 16-arm radial maze attenuated the MK-801-induced deficit in both working and reference memory performance. Memory consolidation can be influenced in laboratory animals, by post-training administration of drugs. Objective: In the present study we have(More)
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