Alessandro Ceré

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We demonstrate a tunable narrowband filter based on optical-pumping-induced circular dichroism in rubidium vapor. The filter achieves a peak transmission of 14.6%, a linewidth of 80 MHz, and an out-of-band extinction of >or=35 dB. The transmission peak can be tuned within the range of the Doppler linewidth of the D1 line of atomic rubidium at 795 nm. While(More)
Scattering of light by matter has been studied extensively in the past. Yet, the most fundamental process, the scattering of a single photon by a single atom, is largely unexplored. One prominent prediction of quantum optics is the deterministic absorption of a travelling photon by a single atom, provided the photon waveform matches spatially and temporally(More)
  • Siddarth Koduru Joshi, Chia Chen, Ming, Alessandro Cerè, Jean-Daniel Bancal, Lana Sheridan +2 others
  • 2013
Randomness plays a fundamental role in the security of cryptographic protocols, as well as in the accuracy of numerical simulations. A system that violates a Bell inequality with a closed detection loophole and clear separation between its subsystems can be used to generate random numbers that are certified, i.e. both secure and truly random [1]. Given the(More)
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