Alessandro Caronia

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Often customer information services or virtual support guides make use of friendly interface to facilitate human-machine interaction. Indeed, virtual guided tours or helpdesks use a talking anthropomorphic head to communicate with the user. In this paper, we present a talking head for Smart phones, PDAs and, in general, all the mobile devices able to(More)
A talking head is system performing an animated face model synchronized with a speech synthesis module. It is used as a presentation layer of a conversational agent which provide an answer. It provides an answer when a query is written as an input by the user. The textual answer is converted into facial movements of a 3D face model whose lips and tongue(More)
Facial animation is referred to all those systems performing the speech synchronization with an animated face model. This kind of systems are called "talking head" or "talking face". In this paper a Talking Head oriented to the creation of a Chatbot is presented. It requires an input query and an answer is generated in form of text. The answer is transduced(More)
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