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Collagen, elastin and structural glycoproteins were measured in 21 intact lungs taken at postmortem examination after sudden death from subjects aged from 15 to 83. The data were expressed as milligrams per cubic centimeter of lung peripheral parenchyma inflated and fixed at the standard pressure of 25 cm H2O to exclude the pitfall of referring to dried(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe a single-center experience of pediatric intestinal transplantation (Itx) and to provide an overview of the children who underwent this procedure along with their outcomes. SUMMARY BACKGROUND DATA Pediatric Itx presents multiple challenges because of the very young ages at which patients require transplantation and their higher(More)
The various definitions of acute liver failure do not accurately reflect the differences in clinical signs and prognosis. Liver support devices to improve the clinical condition before liver transplantation (LT) were used in 13 patients with primary nonfunction, 24 with fulminant hepatitis, 17 were affected by delayed nonfunction, and 56 of acute on chronic(More)
Hepatitis B virus (HBV) is a serious cause of morbidity and mortality in hepatitis B surface (HBsAg) antigen-positive patients treated with chemotherapy. Because the hepatitis is related to HBV virological reactivation, application of effective antiviral therapy, such as Lamivudine, has been attempted. Despite the use of these antiviral agents at the time(More)
Polycystic disease causes a progressive decrease in renal function and liver degeneration. The progression of the disease evolves separately between organs and transplantation options vary: simultaneous or sequential liver-kidney transplantation or single-organ transplantation. From September 2006 to June 2007 3 combined liver kidney transplantations (CLKT)(More)
Biochemical analysis of the extracellular matrix of human aortas was performed on samples of ascending and descending aortas affected by atherosclerosis in comparison with a control group of nonatherosclerotic aortas. Ulcerated or heavily calcified atheromas were excised and excluded from the analysis in order to differentiate biochemical alterations(More)
The biochemical analysis of samples of aortic connective tissue was carried out in 22 subjects from 9 to 84 years old. Aortic samples were taken at necropsy performed after sudden or, more often, traumatic death. The results suggest that aging of the aorta is accompanied by an increase both in collagen content and in total sugar content when expressed as(More)
A total of 44 donor/recipient perioperative and intraoperative variables were prospectively analyzed in 89 deceased-donor liver transplantations classified as initial good graft function (IGGF) or initial poor graft function (IPGF) according to a scoring system based on values obtained during the 1st 72 postoperative hours from the serum alanine(More)
Biochemical analysis of dermal connective tissue was carried out in 14 subjects affected by primary uncomplicated varicose veins and 14 controls. Skin samples were taken, according to fixed criteria, from operation pieces of total mastectomy for breast cancer. The results suggest that the dermal tissue in these subjects is just thinner than that of(More)