Alessandro Buonomo

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Although co-trimoxazole is a major cause of fixed drug eruption, there are no reports in the literature of desensitization protocols for co-trimoxazole in such patients. We present the case of an 85-year-old woman with a fixed drug eruption to co-trimoxazole. Since she needed co-trimoxazole therapy for treatment of infection of a prosthetic hip by(More)
Background/Aims Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is characterized by chronic abdominal pain or discomfort accompanied by abnormal bowel movements. In sensitized subjects, ingested nickel (Ni) may induce gastrointestinal symptoms similar to IBS, in addition to typical systemic cutaneous lesions (systemic nickel allergy syndrome [SNAS]). A low nickel diet could(More)
Lipid transfer proteins (LTP) constitute a family of proteins widely distributed through the plant kingdom [1]. Allergenic LTP have been identified in tree pollen and weeds, plant food allergen sources and latex. The primary sensitizer agent and the fruit mostly involved seems to be the peach [2]. Allergy to LTP has been mainly described in Italy, Spain and(More)
Proteins belonging to pathogenesis-related (PR10) ones consist in Bet v 1 homologues, proteins that have an aminoacid sequence homology with the allergen Bet v 1 from birch pollen [1]. Bet v 1 is the major allergen of birch and about 50–70% of birch pollen allergic patients, usually after respiratory sensitization, report symptoms after ingestion of fruits(More)
INTRODUCTION Lipid transfer proteins (LTP), profilin and PR-10 are the most important panallergens in central and southern Italy. Lipid transfer proteins are stable molecules, predominantly present in the fruit peel, which can induce systemic symptoms after ingestion of vegetables. Profilin and PR-10 are randomly distributed in the pulp and peel. Both are(More)
Profilins constitute a family of highly conserved proteins , which are present in all eukaryotic cells and are involved in processes related to cell motility. The first allergenic profilin was described in birch pollen and was designated Bet v 2. Allergenic profilin were identified in tree and grass pollens, in weeds, in plant-derived foods, as well as in(More)
The basophil activation test (BAT) has proven to be a useful tool for the diagnosis of IgE-mediated food allergy and the evaluation of clinical tolerance in food allergic patients. Until now, successful oral desensitiza-tion to food allergen has been correlated with changes in cytokine production (IL-4 and INF-g) and allergen-specific IgE and IgG4(More)
Natural rubber latex allergy (NRL-A) is an international problem of public health. About 50-60% of NRL-A patients may present adverse reactions after ingestion cross-reacting vegetable foods. This condition is called " Latex-fruit Syndrome " and is matter of research. The aim of our study is distinguishing between clinical/sub-clinical latex-fruit syndrome(More)
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