Alessandro Bottino

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Critical physical issues can be specifically tackled with the global full-f gyrokinetic code GYSELA. Three main results are presented. First, the self-consistent treatment of equilibrium and fluctuations highlights the competition between two compensation mechanisms for the curvature driven vertical charge separation, namely, parallel flow and polarization.(More)
INTRODUCTION A retained surgical sponge in the abdomen is uncommon although it is likely that this finding is underreported in the medical literature. The intravisceral migration of retained surgical gauze is even rarer, as demonstrated by the very few cases reported. CASE PRESENTATION Three years after undergoing anterior resection of the rectum, a(More)
The scaling of turbulence-driven heat transport with system size in magnetically confined plasmas is reexamined using first-principles based numerical simulations. Two very different numerical methods are applied to this problem, in order to resolve a long-standing quantitative disagreement, which may have arisen due to inconsistencies in the geometrical(More)
We discuss to which extent the present experiments of direct search for WIMPs, when interpreted in terms of relic neutralinos, probe interesting regions of the supersymmetric parameter space, which are also being progressively explored at accelerators. Our analysis is performed in a number of different supersymmetric schemes. We derive the relevant(More)
This is a preprint of a paper intended for presentation at a scientific meeting. Because of the provisional nature of its content and since changes of substance or detail may have to be made before publication, the preprint is made available on the understanding that it will not be cited in the literature or in any way be reproduced in its present form. The(More)
ASDEX Upgrade was operated with fully W-covered wall in 2007 and 2008. Stationary H-modes at the ITER target values and improved H-modes with H up to 1.2 were run without any boronisation. The boundary conditions set by the full W-wall (high enough ELM frequency, high enough central heating and low enough power density arriving at the target plates) require(More)
After a short introduction on particle candidates for dark matter within possible extensions of the standard model, we concentrate on Weakly Interacting Massive Particles, and on one of their most interesting physical realizations: the neutralino. We analyze how detectability of relic neutralinos by direct and indirect means is related to their local and(More)