Alessandro Bottaro

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This paper is concerned with the transition of the laminar flow in a duct of square cross section. As in the similar case of pipe flow, the motion is linearly stable for all Reynolds numbers, rendering this flow a suitable candidate for a study of the 'bypass' path to turbulence. It has already been shown that the classical linear optimal perturbation(More)
The understanding of transition in shear flows has recently progressed along new paradigms based on the central role of coherent flow structures and their nonlinear interactions. We follow such paradigms to identify, by means of a nonlinear optimization of the energy growth at short time, the initial perturbation which most easily induces transition in a(More)
SUMMARY. The aim of the article is the kinematic and geometric design of a flapping wing UAV, in order to develop an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, capable of executing reconnaissance and video-surveillance missions. To define the characteristic dimensions of the vehicle a biological study was initially carried out, analyzing, for example, the weight-wingspan(More)
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