Alessandro Belmonte

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We present experiments on the dynamic buckling and fragmentation of slender rods axially impacted by a projectile. By combining the results of Saint-Venant and elastic beam theory, we derive a preferred wavelength lambda for the buckling instability, and experimentally verify the resulting scaling law for a range of materials including teflon, dry pasta,(More)
We characterize the statistical law according to which Italian primary school-size distributes. We find that the school-size can be approximated by a log-normal distribution, with a fat lower tail that collects a large number of very small schools. The upper tail of the school-size distribution decreases exponentially and the growth rates are distributed(More)
This paper analyzes the joint dynamics of religious beliefs and scienti…c-economic development. It emphasizes in particular how this coevolution is shaped by (and feeds back on) political con-‡icts and coalition formation, along both religious and income lines. As part of our motivating evidence, we also uncover a new fact: in both international and(More)
  • Flavio Borfecchia, Carla Micheli, Filippo Carli, Selvaggia Cognetti De Martis, Valentina Gnisci, Viviana Piermattei +4 others
  • 2013
The spatial distribution of sea bed covers and seagrass in coastal waters is of key importance in monitoring and managing Mediterranean shallow water environments often subject to both increasing anthropogenic impacts and climate change effects. In this context we present a methodology for effective monitoring and mapping of Posidonia oceanica (PO) meadows(More)
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