Alessandro Bedini

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It is presented the work performed by ISPESL, related to the analysis of the wide band electromagnetic field measurements, carried out in the urban area of Rome, in the period from 1998 to 2001. ISPESL carried out approximately 500 wide band measurements near the sites selected and proposed by the network companies for the installation of new radio base(More)
Presents the work carried out by the Laboratory of Radiations and Ultrasounds Pollution of the National Institute of Occupation Safety and Prevention (ISPESL) about the measurement of radiofrequency and microwave electromagnetic field in the urban area of Rome (Italy) from 1998 to 2001. The measurements have been carried out within the framework of the(More)
Great effort is now devolved to the study of the biological effects induced by exposure to the electromagnetic fields. Using flat strip lines and slotted cables, we realised an emitting system to irradiate a spatial region with opportune sizes and shapes. The first system provides the use of a flat strip line 8 m long, supplied by a microwave signal at the(More)
The compositional and structural characterization of the constituent alloys of precious metal artefacts is the basis for understanding the technological processes used in the art of the ancient goldsmiths. This research presents a multi-analytical approach to the study of the technologies of ancient jewellery manufacturing through the use of non-traditional(More)
Structural and functional effects of exposing murine fibroblasts (NIH 3T3) to therapeutic ultrasound at 1 MHz frequency are described. These bioeffects can be attributed to the formation of free radical species by sonolysis of water. When cavitation occurs, dissociation of water vapor into H atoms and OH radicals is observed; these H atoms and OH radicals(More)
A selective cavitand-based solid-phase microextraction coating was synthesized for the determination of nitroaromatic explosives and explosive taggants at trace levels in air and soil. A quinoxaline cavitand functionalized with a carboxylic group at the upper rim was used to enhance selectivity toward analytes containing nitro groups. The fibers were(More)
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