Alessandro Becciu

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In the present study, susceptibility to Pentylentetrazol (PTZ)-induced seizures was tested in 45 four-wk old rats born to mothers exposed to moderate asphyxia in the last week of pregnancy by breathing N2 99.9% for 6 min in two separate sessions, (Group I--experimental rats) and in 44 rats of the same age, born after a normal pregnancy (Group II--controls).(More)
Motion estimation is an important topic in medical image analysis. The investigation and quantification of, e.g., the cardiac movement is important for assessment of cardiac abnormalities and to get an indication of response to therapy. In this paper we present a new aperture problem-free method to track cardiac motion from 2-dimensional MR tagged images(More)
The investigation and quantification of cardiac movement is important for assessment of cardiac abnormalities and treatment effectiveness. Therefore we consider new aperture problem-free methods to track cardiac motion from 2-dimensional MR tagged images and corresponding sine-phase images. Tracking is achieved by following the movement of scale-space(More)
We develop a new formulation, mathematically elegant, to detect critical points of 3D scalar images. It is based on a topological number, which is the generalization to three dimensions of the 2D winding number. We illustrate our method by considering three different biomedical applications, namely, detection and counting of ovarian follicles and neuronal(More)
Heart illnesses influence the functioning of the cardiac muscle and are the major causes of death in the world. Optic flow methods are essential tools to assess and quantify the contraction of the cardiac walls, but are hampered by the aperture problem. Harmonic phase (HARP) techniques measure the phase in magnetic resonance (MR) tagged images. Due to the(More)
This report describes the changes of the spontaneous firing rate due to an acute non-toxic dose of phenytoin (PHT), a drug commonly used in antiepileptic therapy, in the pre-motor neurons involved in saccadic movement. The drug (500 mg/kg of a 10% PHT suspension in arabic gum) was orally administered, and plasma and brain levels were regularly evaluated(More)
The protective effect of nimodipine, a calcium entry blocker, and MK-801, an excitatory amino acid antagonist, on the cortical electrobiogenesis of hypertensive SHR-Charles-River adult rats during a 90-s session of acute hypoxia, was tested either with a single treatment or with a therapeutic association. Pretreatment with nimodipine alone (0.1 mg kg-1,(More)
Recent findings have shown that olfactory stimulation by brief puffs of air odorized with amyl acetate induces several patterns of response in rabbit hypoglossal neurons. It has been argued that the functional role of the olfactory input may be the modulation of tongue muscular tone during the oral phase of digestion. In the present research, the peripheral(More)
The influence of the cerebellum and mesencephalon on epileptic bulbar discharge induced by topical application of penicillin-G on the floor of the IVth ventricle was analyzed in rats. Bulbar multiunit activity was recorded at different depths. The animals were divided into two main groups: totally cerebellectomized rats (Group I) and lobus anterior(More)