Alessandro Basso

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In this paper, a block-based watermarking scheme based on the Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) is proposed. Our watermark, a pseudo-random Gaussian sequence, is embedded by modifying the angles formed by the right singular vectors of each block of the original image. The orthogonality property of the right singular vector matrix is preserved during the(More)
In order to integrate properly recording services with other streaming functionalities in a DMR (e.g., AppleTV, PS3) we need a way to put live TV and radio events into friendly catalogs. But recordings are based on parameters to be set by the users, such as timings and channels, and event discovery can be not trivial. Moreover, personalized recommendations(More)
Is it possible to implement practical Internet Polls that fulfill even the weakest security requirements? The technology available today would lead to a negative answer, because of the following practical constraints: standard, unmodified browsers are used, it is not economically possible to distribute certificates or even just user names and passwords,(More)
Recommendation is usually reduced to a prediction problem over the function r(ua, ei) that returns the expected rating of element ei for user ua. In the IPTV domain, we deal with an environment where the definitions of all the parameters involved in this function (i.e., user profiles, feedback ratings and elements) are controversial. To our knowledge, this(More)
This paper presents a method for blind digital watermarking of color images. The proposed scheme performs a decorrelation of the RGB color bands of the image to be watermarked using a Karhunen– Loève transform (KLT), then marks the coefficients of the KLT of the first band obtained. The novelty of the method resides in the fact that the KLT basis images(More)