Alessandro Armuzzi

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Citation for published version: Rahier, JF, Magro, F, Abreu, C, Armuzzi, A, Ben-Horin, S, Chowers, Y, Cottone, M, de Ridder, L, Doherty, G, Ehehalt, R, Esteve, M, Katsanos, K, Lees, CW, Macmahon, E, Moreels, T, Reinisch, W, Tilg, H, Tremblay, L, Veereman-Wauters, G, Viget, N, Yazdanpanah, Y, Eliakim, R, Colombel, JF & on behalf of the European Crohn's and(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS Crohn's disease is a common inflammatory disorder of the gut characterized by variation in both location and behavior. Chromosome 16 and the HLA region on chromosome 6 have been implicated in susceptibility to disease. Mutations in the NOD2/CARD15 gene, recently identified on chromosome 16, have been associated with disease overall but are(More)
Carbon-labelled breath tests were proposed as tools for the evaluation of human liver function 30 years ago, but have never become part of clinical routine. One reason for this is the complex role of the liver in metabolic regulation, making it difficult to provide essential information for the management of patients with liver disease with a single test(More)
BACKGROUND Acid suppression plus two antibiotics is considered the reference anti-Helicobacter pylori treatment. Reported eradication rates are around 65-80%. Human Lactobacillus acidophilus shows an in vitro inhibitory effect on the attachment of H. pylori to gastric epithelial cell lines. Culture supernatant of this bacillus seems to decrease the in vitro(More)
BACKGROUND Aminosalicylates are the mainstay of therapy to prevent relapse of quiescent ulcerative colitis. The rationale for using probiotics is based on the evidence implicating intestinal bacteria in the pathogenesis of this disorder. AIM To evaluate the efficacy of Lactobacillus GG alone or in combination with mesalazine vs. mesalazine as maintenance(More)
OBJECTIVES:Several studies show that probiotics may prevent side effects during therapy against Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori). Other reports indicate competitive interaction between some probiotics and H. pylori. We compared efficacy of two different probiotics and one probiotic combination with placebo for preventing anti-H. pylori therapy-related side(More)
BACKGROUND One-week triple therapy is currently regarded as the reference of anti-Helicobacter pylori treatment. However, antibiotic-associated gastrointestinal side effects are among the major pitfalls of such regimens. Probiotic supplementation may be regarded as a therapeutic tool to prevent or reduce these troublesome drug-related manifestations. AIM(More)
BACKGROUND Crohn's disease affects people world-wide, but the incidence in Asia is lower than in Western countries. This difference may be due to genetic and/or environmental factors. Three single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) of the NOD2/CARD15 gene have been identified to be independently associated with the development of Crohn's disease in Caucasians.(More)
OBJECTIVE Experimental evidence suggests that inappropriate regulation of tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF alpha) may play a role in the pathogenesis of Behçet's disease (BD). This is supported by recent reports highlighting the efficacy of anti-TNF alpha agents in the treatment of this disease. The TNF gene is encoded in the class III region of the HLA(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS The effectiveness of adalimumab in the treatment of ulcerative colitis is under debate. Although controlled trials have shown that adalimumab is significantly better than placebo, the absolute clinical benefit is modest. We report data on the effectiveness of adalimumab in a cohort of ulcerative colitis patients treated in 22 Italian(More)