Alessandro Amato

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[1] P S converted waves observed near Ancona on the Adriatic coast of central Italy, as revealed by teleseismic receiver functions (RFs), vary with earthquake back-azimuth and epicentral distance in a manner consistent with a 1-D anisotropic seismic structure. Using reflectivity calculations, we develop a profile of anisotropic seismic velocity through the(More)
The present paper describes an holistic CO<sub>2</sub>-monitoring system for an integrated steel-making plant. Firstly, the implementation of a centralised Database in the steelwork, supported by a dedicated server, was required as a preparatory step to collect data with regard to the main energy and Carbon containing flows. The implementation of a(More)
The electric steel making cycle exploits steel scrap as primary raw material. Many different types of steel scrap are used, which differ in their contents of iron and other components (e.g. Zn coating, plastics, etc.). Depending on the kind of scrap, some pretreatment steps are required, which increase the actual costs of this material, but some valuable by(More)
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