Alessandra de Paula e Carvalho

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The production of Secretory Aspartyl Proteases (Sap) is an important virulence factor of Candida albicans. Many studies have shown that a challenge with sub-inhibitory concentrations of antifungals lead species of Candida to the secretion of higher concentrations of Sap. Nevertheless, published studies only reported the secretion of such enzymes by cells(More)
BACKGROUND/PURPOSE The composition of oral microbiota in comatose patients remains uncertain. Some pulmonary pathogens may be found in dental biofilms or as part of the saliva microbiota. It is supposed that some pneumopathogenic microorganisms may overgrow in the mouths of comatose patients and spread to their lungs. METHODS The oral colonization(More)
Biofilms are aggregates of microorganisms living in multilayered structures inside polymeric matrices onto surfaces. These biofilms may subvert the physiological properties of adjacent tissues causing morphofunctional failure. Many studies have shown that the expression of virulence attributes is maximized when microbes form such communities. This study(More)
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