Alessandra Sabatino

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The anionic peroxidase associated with the suberization response in potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) tubers during wound healing has been purified and partially characterized at the biochemical level. It is a 45-kD, class III (plant secretory) peroxidase that is localized to suberizing tissues and shows a preference for feruloyl (o-methoxyphenol)-substituted(More)
Recent years have seen a growing interest for the study of feedback interfaces to support behavior change in different research areas, from personal healthcare and wellbeing, to energy saving and proenvironmental sustainability. While HCI design has been primarily inspired by behavior change models that best fit individual change, less attention has been(More)
Guinea pig peritoneal exudate cells incubated with water soluble glycolipids obtained from macrophages show an enhanced response to migration inhibitory factor. Incorporation of these glycolipids into liposomes greatly facilitates their interaction with indicator cells. Enhancement of peritoneal exudate cell responsiveness to migration inhibitory factor was(More)
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