Alessandra Rodigari

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BACKGROUND Curve evolution in idiopathic scoliosis frequently occurs in lumbar and thoracic-lumbar spine. The spinal and iliopsoas muscles play a major role in maintaining the static and dynamic stability of the spine. OBJECTIVE To monitor by video recording, the degree to which asymmetric isometric contractions of the iliopsoas muscle improve the lumbar(More)
OBJECTIVE Evaluation of fatigue and pain following surgical activities. METHODS Cross-sectional study. We distributed a self-evaluation questionnaire to 180 surgeons to investigate working postures and fatigue and/or pain following working activities. RESULTS 100 surgeons replied (74 male), mean age 40.1 (SD 10.85; 26-65). Multivariate analysis suggests(More)
UNLABELLED It is a documented fact that if work activity entails prolonged static postures, repetitive movements and the assuming of incongruous positions, skeletal muscle disorders can arise. MATERIALS AND METHODS. 100 surgeons (74 M 26 F), average age 40.1, completed a questionnaire regarding work posture, fatigue and pain experienced after working in the(More)
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