Alessandra R. Brazzale

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We compared five surrogate insulin sensitivity (IS) methods against the euglycaemic–hyperinsulinaemic clamp. These methods were the homeostasis model assessment (HOMA) and four methods based on the OGTT (OGIS, MCRest, ISIcomp, SIORAL). We compared these IS methods against the clamp (0.28 nmol·min−1·m−2 insulin infusion) M value in 147 women (58–61 years;(More)
The impact of sex and age on glucose metabolism in the development of overweight/obesity is a matter of debate. We hypothesized that insulin sensitivity (IS) and β-cell function (BF) in a normal white population will differ between males and females and aimed to evaluate the possible effects of BMI and age on metabolic parameters of both sexes. This study(More)
The European multicenter project named GUARD involved nine centers and aimed to assess potential changes in auditory function as a consequence of exposure to low-intensity electromagnetic fields (EMFs) produced by GSM cellular phones. Participants were healthy young adults without any evidence of hearing or ear disorders. Auditory function was assessed(More)
The presence of measurement errors affecting the covariates in regression models is a relevant topic in many scientific areas, as, for example, in epidemiology. An example is given by an epidemiological population-based matched case-control study on the aetiology of childhood malignancies, which is currently under completion in Italy. This study was aimed(More)
BACKGROUND Free fatty acids (FFAs) are linked to impaired insulin action, but their role in mediating long-term insulin sensitization during diabetes treatment is unclear. OBJECTIVES To examine the effect of pioglitazone addition to existing therapy on FFA dynamics and insulin action. DESIGN Two 2-year, randomized, parallel-group, double-blind,(More)
Distortion product otoacoustic emissions (DPOAE) can be used to study cochlear function in an objective and non-invasive manner. One practical and essential aspect of any investigating measure is the consistency of its results upon repeated testing of the same individual/animal (i.e., its test/retest repeatability). The goal of the present work is to(More)
Likelihood-based inference on a scalar fixed effect of interest in nonlinear mixed-effects models usually relies on first-order approximations. If the sample size is small, tests and confidence intervals derived from first-order solutions can be inaccurate. An improved test statistic based on a modification of the signed likelihood ratio statistic is(More)