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PURPOSE The existence of an anatomic and functional separation between the puborectalis muscle and external anal sphincter permits the performance of an abdominoendoanal excision, instead of an abdominoperineal excision, of the rectum and levator muscles, with preservation of a functioning external sphincter, in selected patients with very low rectal cancer(More)
The adrenal pheochromocytoma still arouses great interest among the experts. The Authors give here a report of a study carried out on the personal case history of 32 patients and the concerning literature. A correct clinical and diagnostic approach is important to detect, at a preoperative level, the benign forms from the malignant ones (10-15% of cases(More)
The protection of drinking water is a key issue in a Public Health Department's activity. A substantial amount of planning and monitoring work is involved in the development and implementation of a water safety plan, aimed not only at the enforcement of public health regulations, but also at the improvement of the quality water. We provide an overview of(More)
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