Alessandra Palladini

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Bats, in terms of variety of species and their absolute numbers, are the most successful mammals on earth. The anatomical and functional peculiarities of Microchiroptera are not confined only to the auditory system; the wings (hands) of bats are unique both from an anatomical point of view as from a sensorial one. They are much thinner than those of birds(More)
Bats are source of coronaviruses closely related to the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) virus. Numerous studies have been carried out to identify new bat viruses related to SARS-coronavirus (bat-SARS-like CoVs) using a reverse-transcribed-polymerase chain reaction assay. However, a qualitative PCR could underestimate the prevalence of infection,(More)
Omic science is rapidly growing and one of the most employed techniques to explore differential patterns in omic datasets is principal component analysis (PCA). However, a method to enlighten the network of omic features that mostly contribute to the sample separation obtained by PCA is missing. An alternative is to build correlation networks between(More)
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