Alessandra Nardi

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As we move towards nanometer technology, manufacturing problems become overwhelmingly difficult to solve. Presently, optimization for manufacturability is performed at a post-synthesis stage and has been shown capable of reducing manufacturing cost up to 10%. As in other cases, raising the abstraction layer where optimization is applied is expected to yield(More)
Parametric models are only occasionally used in the analysis of clinical studies of survival although they may offer advantages over Cox's model. In this paper, we report experiences that we have made fitting parametric models to data sets from different clinical trials mainly performed at the Vienna University Medical School. We emphasize the role of(More)
Currents injected by CMOS digital circuit blocks into the powergrid and into the substrate of a system-on-a-chip may affect reliabilityand performance of other sensitive circuit blocks. To verify thecorrect operation of the system, an upper bound for the spectrum ofthe noise current has to be provided with respect to all possible transitionsof the circuit(More)
A two component parametric mixture is proposed to model survival after an invasive treatment, when patients may experience different hazards regimes: a risk of early mortality directly related to the treatment and/or the treated condition, and a risk of late death influenced by several exogenous factors. The parametric mixture is based on Weibull(More)
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