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As we move towards nanometer technology, manufacturing problems become overwhelmingly difficult to solve. Presently, optimization for manufacturability is performed at a post-synthesis stage and has been shown capable of reducing manufacturing cost up to 10%. As in other cases, raising the abstraction layer where optimization is applied is expected to yield(More)
Currents injected by CMOS digital circuit blocks into the power grid and into the substrate of a system-on-a-chip may affect reliability and performance of other sensitive circuit blocks. To verify the correct operation of the system, an upper bound for the spectrum of the noise current has to be provided with respect to all possible transitions of the(More)
BACKGROUND The Liver Match is an observational cohort study that prospectively enrolled liver transplantations performed at 20 out of 21 Italian Transplant Centres between June 2007 and May 2009. Aim of the study is to investigate the impact of donor/recipient matching on outcomes. In this report we describe the study methodology and provide a(More)
Differentiation-based therapeutics are an underutilized but potentially a significant option for cancer treatment. The effect of methylxanthines on melanoma cell differentiation has been well documented. We report the in-vitro and in-vivo anticancer potential of a theophylline analogue, 7-(2-hydroxyethyl)theophylline (HET), on murine B16-F10 and human(More)
BACKGROUND To generate a robust predictive model of Early (3 months) Graft Loss after liver transplantation, we used a Bayesian approach to combine evidence from a prospective European cohort (Liver-Match) and the United Network for Organ Sharing registry. METHODS Liver-Match included 1480 consecutive primary liver transplants performed from 2007 to 2009(More)
BACKGROUND Cerebral damage is a serious complication of pediatric cardiac surgery. Early prediction of actual risk can be useful in counseling of parents, and in early diagnosis and rehabilitation therapy. Also, if all children at risk could be identified therapeutic strategies to limit perioperative cerebral damage might be developed. The aim of this study(More)
—In this paper, we analyze the impact of process variations on the clock skew of VLSI circuits designed in deep sub-micrometer technologies. With smaller feature size, the utilization of a dense buffering scheme has been proposed in order to realize efficient and noise-immune clock distribution networks. However, the local variance of MOSFET electrical(More)
Recombinant vaccinia virus has been widely employed as a cancer vaccine in several clinical trials. In this study we explored, employing BALB/c mice transgenic for the rat neu oncogene, the ability of the recombinant vaccinia virus neu (rV-neuT) vaccine to inhibit growth of neu+ mammary carcinomas and whether the efficacy of vaccination was dependent on:(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS The appropriate allocation of grafts from HBcAb positive donors in liver transplantation is crucial, yet a consensus is still lacking. METHODS We evaluated this issue within Liver Match, a prospective observational Italian study. Data from 1437 consecutive, first transplants performed in 2007-2009 using grafts from deceased heart beating(More)