Alessandra Mileo

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In the context of network management, Chomicki, Lobo and Naqvi have defined the specification language Policy Description Language (PDL) and later extended it by introducing monitors: constraints on the actions that the network manager can execute simultaneously. This article proposes PPDL, an extension of PDL with preferences that allows the specification(More)
This paper tackles the problem of supporting independent living and well-being for people that live in their homes and have no critical chronic condition. The paper assumes the presence of a monitoring system equipped with a pervasive sensor network and a nonmonotonic reasoning engine. The rich set of sensors that can be used for monitoring in home(More)
With the growing popularity of Internet of Things (IoT) and IoT-enabled smart city applications, RDF stream processing (RSP) is gaining increasing attention in the Semantic Web community. As a result, several RSP engines have emerged, which are capable of processing semantically annotated data streams on the fly. Performance, correctness and technical(More)
Stream reasoning is an emerging research field focused on dynamic processing and continuous reasoning over huge volumes of streaming data. Finding the right trade-off between scalability and expressivity is a key challenge in this area. In this paper, we want to provide a baseline for exploring the applicability of complex reasoning to the Web of Data based(More)
With the growing popularity of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and sensors deployment, more and more cities are leaning towards the initiative of smart cities. Smart city applications are mostly developed with aims to solve domain-specific problems. Hence, lacking the ability to automatically discover and integrate heterogeneous sensor data streams on(More)
We are currently investigating methods to triplify the content of Wikipedia’s tables. We propose that existing knowledge-bases can be leveraged to semi-automatically extract high-quality facts (in the form of RDF triples) from tables embedded in Wikipedia articles (henceforth called “Wikitables”). We present a survey of Wikitables and their content in a(More)
We describe a modified grid architecture that allows the specification and enforcement connection policies to grid on Web Services. This is accomplished by interposing a policy enforcement engine between a calling application and the relative client stubs. Only service requests need be analyzed and filtered. Connection policies are conveniently expressed in(More)