Alessandra Memoli

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The tadpole larvae prosencephalon of the ascidian Ciona intestinalis contains a single large ventricle, along the inner walls of which lie two sensory organs: the otolith (a gravity-sensing organ) and the ocellus (a photo-sensing organ composed of a single cup-shaped pigment cell, about 20 photoreceptor cells, and three lens cells). Comparison has been(More)
s of posters DELIVERY OF PEPTIDES USING THE PRODRUG APPROACH. If. GLYCOLAMIDE ESTERS AS A NOVEL PRODRUG TYPE FOR THE CARBOXYLIC ACID GROUP M.N. Nielsen and H. Bundgaard Esterification of the carboxyl group is a commonly used prodrug approach to increase the llpophlliclty of a carboxyllc acid agent like a peptlde in an effort to improve its bloavallabillty.(More)
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