Alessandra Maresca

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We report on two cases of simultaneous asymmetrical bilateral hip dislocation. Both patients were involved in car accidents. The first case is a 23-year-old man who had a bilateral hip dislocation, anterior on the right side and posterior on the left associated with bilateral femoral head fracture. The second case presented the same dislocations of the hips(More)
Femoral neck fractures are progressively increasing, due to higher survival rates, particularly among the female population. The gamma nail was created to treat intertrochanteric fracture types 31-A1, 31-A2 and 31-A3 and in some cases basicervical fractures of type 31-B2-1. Complications can be classified as intraoperative and postoperative. The(More)
Focal cerebral hypoperfusion is a common finding in uncomplicated hypertensives even in the absence of large vessel atherosclerosis, and neuropsychological deficits correlate with cerebral hypoperfusion in hypertensive patients with cerebral microangiopathy. We investigated the effects on cerebral perfusion of the dihydropiridine calcium antagonist(More)
Acetabular fractures are often associated with dislocation of the femoral head. When the dislocation is reduced, > or = 1 fragments may remain inside the joint, especially in posterior dislocation. In this kind of dislocation, the fracture of the posterior wall of the acetabulum may be comminuted. The fragments attached to the joint capsule or free may(More)
Despite the use of antihypertensive drugs, mortality (but not morbidity) from cerebrovascular diseases has been reduced significantly. As a consequence, an increasing number of patients suffer from recurring strokes and from the debilitating consequences of cerebrovascular diseases and develop progressive cognitive impairment. Its pathological substrates(More)
The Fixion nail is an intramedullary nail made of stainless steel, that may be used to treat fractures of the humerus and in the lower limb. This nail is made up of a cylinder that has 4 longitudinal bars which, once inserted in the bone segment, expands via a pressure hydraulic system using physiological solution. The nail may be introduced without reaming(More)
OBJECTIVES Non-tuberculous mycobacteria infections are frequent in patients infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Mycobacterium avium intracellulare is the most frequent organism isolated but several other mycobacteria are also seen. Mycobacterium gordonae is a saprophytic mycobacteria which is rarely pathogenic. It was observed in 9% (7(More)
Previous studies have shown areas of cerebral hypoperfusion in the frontal and parietal lobes of asymptomatic hypertensives, in the absence of extracranial carotid artery stenosis. The aims of the present study were: (a) to correlate the presence of focal cortical hypoperfusion with the presence of white matter lesions (WML), lacunae and extracranial(More)
An experimental study on tracheal reconstruction using a jejunal loop autograft, is reported. Eight dogs divided into 2 groups have been used. In the first group the jejunal loop was prepared using a single vascular pedicle including both the artery and the vein and was revascularized with the superior thyroid artery and its collateral vein. In the second(More)
BACKGROUND Posterior wall fracture is the most common acetabular fracture. Comminuted fractures with an impacted segment represent a subtype of this injury. The subchondral bone of the articular zone is compressed and causes a bone defect. The impacted fragment should be isolated, mobilized, and then reduced. A bone graft should be used to fill the gap. The(More)