Alessandra L . Szulc

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Tumors of mesenchymal and epithelial origin produce IGF-2, which activates pathways in the tumors. In a minority of patients, the tumors (hepatomas, fibromas, and fibrosarcomas are the most common among many) release into the circulation enough IGF-2-related peptides to mimic the fasting hypoglycemia characteristic of patients with insulin-producing(More)
In the symposium entitled "Transcriptional controls of energy sensing," the authors presented recent advances on 1) AMP kinase, an intracellular energy sensor; 2) PGC-1α (peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor γ co-activator 1α), a transcriptional co-activator that has powerful effects on mitochondria; 3) methylation and demethylation in response to(More)
Obesity and the accompanying metabolic syndrome are strongly associated with heightened morbidity and mortality in older adults. In our review of more than 20 epidemiologic studies of major infectious diseases, including leaders such as tuberculosis, community-acquired pneumonia, and sepsis, obesity was associated with better outcomes. A cause-and-effect(More)
Frederick Banting was trained as a surgeon rather than as a research scientist, so his exposure to the nascent discipline of endocrinology was minimal (Figure 1). Born on a farm in Alliston, Ontario, Banting graduated from medical school at the University of Toronto in 1916, and served at Granville Hospital in England for thirteen months before being sent(More)
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