Alessandra De Luca

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The CyberCarpet is an actuated platform that allows unconstrained locomotion possibilities to a walking user for VR exploration. The platform has two actuating devices (linear and angular) and the motion control problem is dual to that of nonholonomic wheeled mobile robots. The main control objective is to keep the walker close to the platform center.(More)
An integrated visual-based approach to motion planning and control of a nonholonomic wheeled mobile robot is presented. Vision is used to localize the obstacles and the robot and for real-time feedback control of the vehicle motion. An A *-based motion planner is used to search the dis-cretized robot configuration space for collision-free paths.(More)
A new method for solving redundancy in robot amnn by locally optimizing a dynamic criterion is presented. Optimization is perfomned by means of a joint decomposition technique, resuiting in a particularly efficient computational scheme which is feasible for real-time control. The technique is illustrated obtaining an alternate and simpler expression in the(More)
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