Alessandra Costa Smolenaars Dutra

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A high performance team is one that exceeds all reasonable expectations and produces extraordinary results. In this work, we are interested in understanding contexts and conditions in which software engineering teams are likely to achieve this status. To this end, we are carrying out a systematic literature review to identify what are the known factors that(More)
ORG, fictitious name, is a large company with complex-globally distributed projects that has recently started a "big-bang" transition to agile. About a year ago the new CIO announced it was time to aim for faster deliveries and decided on a company-wide roll-out to agile, including legacy systems. In this paper we report on an interview-based(More)
The Software Engineering education faces the challenge of qualifying professionals with competence to work in an interdisciplinary way and in teams, with flexibility to perform different roles and capable of adapting to change. This article describes AGES (Agência Experimental de Engenharia de Software), which is part of the curriculum of the new(More)
This study aims analyze the use of mobile technology in the literacy process of 6-8 years of children. To accomplish this study I have utilized descriptive, field and analytical research. The results showed that the specialists agreed that the use of mobile technology might help children in their literacy process; it encourages the student's love for(More)
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