Alessandra Buratto

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The advertising activity has an important role in the introduction of a new product. We tackle the problem of determining the advertising plan for preparing the product introduction, having the objectives of maximizing the product image at the launch time, minimizing the campaign length and minimizing the total advertising expenditure, within a fixed time(More)
Nerlove-Arrow’s model is a starting point for some practical and theoretical studies in marketing. Here we want to give our point of view on this growing and exciting field of research. First of all we present the Nerlove-Arrow’s linear model of goodwill evolution under advertising investment. Then we provide a sketch of a variety of problems which are(More)
The use of integrated aqueduct systems is quite common in the provision of drinking water. In fact, it enables the system to handle crisis in the provision of the service caused, for example, by pollution emergencies or peaks in day demand curves. The Italian Local Water authorities (ATOs) assign a concession contract to a private provider that has the(More)
Open-loop Stackelberg equilibria in linear-state games are subgame perfect. This result holds under the hypothesis of unconstrained final state; whereas we need to take into account suitable final-state conditions in order to correctly formalize certain economic problems. A striking contribution of this paper is that it tackles the consistency problem for(More)
A differential game is formulated in order to model the interaction between the immune system and the HIV virus. One player is represented by the immune system of a patient subject to a therapeutic treatment and the other player is the HIV virus. The aim of our study is to determine the optimal therapy that allows to prevent viral replication inside the(More)
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