Alessandra Bottaro

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The paper presents a control model of body sway in quiet standing, which aims at achieving bounded stability by means of an intermittent control mechanism. Control bursts are generated when the current state vector exits an area of uncertainty around the reference point in the phase plane. This area is determined by the limited resolution of proprioceptive(More)
This paper reviews different approaches for explaining body sway while quiet standing that directly address the instability of the human inverted pendulum. We argue that both stiffness control [Winter, D. A., Patla, A. E., Riedtyk, S., & Ishac, M. (2001). Ankle muscle stiffness in the control of balance during quiet standing. Journal of Neurophysiology, 85,(More)
We replaced the IgH 3' enhancer (3'EH) region with a neomycin resistance gene in ES cells and generated chimeric mice in which all mature lymphocytes were either heterozygous (3'EH+/-) or homozygous (3'EH-/-) for the mutation. In vitro activated 3'EH-/- B cells responded similarly to 3'EH+/- B cells with respect to proliferation and secretion of IgM and(More)
We investigated the adaptation of balancing behavior during a continuous, predictable perturbation of stance consisting of 3-min backward and forward horizontal sinusoidal oscillations of the support base. Two visual conditions (eyes-open, EO; eyes-closed, EC) and two oscillation frequencies (LF, 0.2 Hz; HF, 0.6 Hz) were used. Center of Mass (CoM) and(More)
In a dynamic postural task, visual information plays a fundamental role in the selection of the balancing strategy. While standing on a platform oscillating in the antero-posterior direction, subjects almost fix their head in space when vision is allowed and oscillate with the platform with eyes closed. We investigated two competing hypotheses regarding the(More)
The understanding of transition in shear flows has recently progressed along new paradigms based on the central role of coherent flow structures and their nonlinear interactions. We follow such paradigms to identify, by means of a nonlinear optimization of the energy growth at short time, the initial perturbation which most easily induces transition in a(More)
  • F Baude, A Bottaro, J M Brun, A Chazalet, A Constancin, D Donsez +8 others
  • 2007
RESUME L'exploitation des données collectées par les capteurs enfouis dans les entreprises offre de nouvelles opportunités économiques aux équipementiers. Cependant, la mise en place des services associés est actuellement encore faite de manière empirique. Le projet PISE 1 s'est intéressé à proposer des méthodes et des outils pour la mise en place flexible(More)
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